Karen Tan

Trusted Intercultural Advisor
Confidence Builder
Change Agent

I hope the stormtrooper surprises you.

A bit of irrelevance that jolts us from our seriousness can spark creativity and new insights. We are often so eager to fit in because some of us are afraid to stand out. “Do the thing that seems right” will never take us to think out of the box because exploring new possibilities requires not only creativity but also courage.

My love for creative novelty comes from a family that moved on average every four years throughout my growing-up years. For the record, I have lived and worked in more than 8 countries. Living through constant unfamiliarity challenged me to develop creative thinking, resilience, and the courage to be different.

For the past 14 years, I have trained and coached leaders of different nationalities to help them lead multicultural teams more effectively. These global leaders have harnessed geographical and cultural differences to increase their teams’ performance and resourcefulness.

My clients come from different industry sectors, but they complete the coaching journey with one thing in common: they navigate leadership complexities with an increased level of confidence.

We can all become change agents. I have encountered hundreds of stories where profound impact did not come from those with wealth or power but courage, resilience, and determination.

I believe everyone can create impact and influence. You can do it too. I hope we will connect soon.