Karen Tan

Leadership & Intercultural Coach

I’m not a stormtrooper, but I love Star Wars and the imaginative space it draws me into. A little irrelevance that jolts us from our seriousness can often spark creativity and new ideas in tackling our challenges.

My love for creative novelty comes from a family that moved on average every four years throughout my growing up years. For the record, I have lived and worked in more than eight countries. For the last 14 years, I have trained and coached leaders of different nationalities to help them lead multicultural teams more effectively — harnessing the cultural differences to increase performance and creativity. We worked on interpreting cultural cues, handling multicultural team dynamics, giving feedback cross-culturally, and managing intercultural conflicts.

My clients come from different industry sectors: AMEX, Slack, Accenture, Twitch, Reddit, Lambda School, Splunk, and many more.

I always aspire to be a change agent wherever I am. Through my life journey, I have encountered hundreds of stories where profound impact did not come from those with wealth or power, but those with courage, resilience, and determination.

I believe everyone can create impact and influence. You can do it too. I hope we will connect soon.