awaken, learn, evolve, transform and become conceptOne-on-one Coaching

You are gifted with a unique personality, strengths, life experiences, and cultural context. How to leverage all these facets of your unique self to grow your impact as a leader? That will be the focus of our journey together. Schedule an online chat to find out more!

Team Coaching

If you are frustrated because training and workshops have not produced sustainable changes to your team performance, team coaching is the answer. Through a systematic and consistent coaching process, it builds the team’s shared vision and effective communication protocols among its members. Schedule an online chat to find out more!

Intercultural Training & Facilitation

Are you frustrated by wondering what a Japanese is really thinking behind her polite response? Do you feel stuck in resolving conflicts with your colleague who is from a totally different culture? Do you desire to become more effective in your culturally diverse workplace? Intercultural training will provide you with the frameworks of cultural paradigms to increase your cross-cultural competency. Schedule an online chat to find out more!

About me: 

imageI have been a Leadership and Intercultural Coach for more than 14 years, working with leaders from all around the globe. My passion is to empower leaders like you to lead with confidence by knowing your unique strengths and values. Ready to be a thriving leader? Schedule an online chat to find out more!