Becoming effective in your global teams – an 8 week group coaching program

Do you struggle to help your team members take more ownership and initiatives? 

Have you ever wondered if you over- or under-communicate with your boss or colleagues? 

Our workplace is becoming more culturally diverse. Your cultural competency can be your key to becoming effective at work. This 8-week group coaching program can help you become more effective at work by helping you understand what are some cultural dimensions that are at play in your workplace.

You will learn:

  • Different cultural dimensions and how they show up at work (communication styles, perception of authority, conflict management, and others…
  • The reasons behind yours and others’ styles, and how to bridge across the different styles
  • How to interpret cultural cues so that you can ask good questions to prevent misunderstandings

Silver TIER

  • 8 weekly group coaching sessions
  • 75 minuites each session
  • 5-6 members each cohort
  • A self-coaching worksheet on each topic covered
  • Unlimited access to email with questions
  • Full refund before 2nd session if you are not satisfied. No question asked.

Only $720

gold TIER

  • Everything in the Silver tier
  • Four 45-minute individual (1-on-1) coaching sessions within the 8 weeks

Only $999