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This is a place where coaches come to share our struggles, insights, and transformations as we seek to make an impact in the world through coaching.

Episode 3: In this episode, Jeralyn explores challenges and fears in fulfilling her dream, and how she overcomes them.
Episode 2: Jeralyn shares her perspective and experience of diversity and inclusion as a minority here in the US, a coach, and a hula instructor.
Episode 1: Jeralyn talks about what challenges COVID brings to her as a coach, and how it prompts her to rethink a new way of coaching.


第四集: 本來準備舉家搬回亞洲,結果卻經歷上帝截然不同的帶領,經歷了整整 5 年的鍛鍊。這集我請來了我的好朋友寶儀,去分享她生命中的轉捩點。
第三集: 很多朋友跟我說:跨文化婚姻很難!這集我請來了 Renee,一位享受著23 年跨文化婚姻的朋友,來跟我們分享她的豐富經歷。
第二集: 累積了 30 年事業上的成就,突然決定放下,是什麼讓 Mei 有這樣的勇氣?
第一集:在選擇離開困難的工作環境和經濟穩定之間,Ani 做出有勇氣的選擇。她有勇氣嗎?