Leader vs. Manager: Is There a Difference?

Many aspire to be a leader. Others regard themselves as a leader. But in reality, many of these leaders are spending more time managing than leading. Change management expert John Kotter observes that most companies are over-managed and underled. Why such a comment? Kotter lists out three significant differences between a leader and a manager. They … Continue reading Leader vs. Manager: Is There a Difference?

Self-compassion: Vital for Leadership

Compassion towards others is often considered a virtue. We are quick to praise those who show compassion towards others. But compassion towards oneself is being misconstrued as selfish, self-centered, or even self-indulgent. This misunderstanding is causing many managers burnouts. Research shows that a higher self-compassion directly relates to good mental health and even achievement-related outcomes. … Continue reading Self-compassion: Vital for Leadership

Resolving Conflicts in a Global Team

Managing conflict is already a hard-enough skill for many managers, let alone managing conflicts across cultures! The ability to resolve cross-cultural conflict is becoming critical as global teams become more prevalent in the corporate landscape. Different cultures approach conflicts differently. For example, Lee, who is from Asia, mostly chooses to tone down disputes to maintain … Continue reading Resolving Conflicts in a Global Team

Giving Negative Feedback Across Cultures

Giving negative feedback across cultures takes more than using an understandable language. It’s even more than using the right words. It has to do with how directly you deliver your feedback. American has a unique culture in delivering negative feedback. Even though American culture is considered a direct one, they are less direct than most … Continue reading Giving Negative Feedback Across Cultures