A. Baker (Product Lead at an Australian tech company)

Karen was fantastic to work with and provided leadership coaching and general advice which greatly assisted me in approaching various situations and resolving them satisfactorily for all parties involved.

S. Pant (Publisher Account Manager at the biggest online advertising company)

Working with Karen was like a journey of self-discovery. It might sound contradictory, but it was exactly that. With Karen being the enabler of thought with her questions, it was me discovering my strengths, my personality, and my leadership style in detail than what I believed I knew. 

Marlene & Joyce (Co-founders of a start-up in the Netherlands)

Our group coaching with Karen has enabled us to clarify our expectations towards each other. Our day-to-day communication has since been improved and strengthened significantly in just a short period of time. Consequently, we are able to cultivate a strong partnership with clear accountability — which we believe is one of the most important keys to long-term growth and success in our business.

Tracy T. (Back End Team Lead at one of the biggest online advertising company)

As a relatively new manager, I have a lot of self-doubts and little confidence in providing constructive feedback. Karen has helped me gain confidence by exploring why and how of the task. I also enjoy all the resources that she recommended to me, and will continue my learning to be a good “boss” at my current job. Karen asked powerful questions to help me think and analyze through my management challenges. I am especially intrigued by the cultural elements that she brought to the table as I manage a very diversified team of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

B. Shum (Senior Manager of China Air)

The coaching sessions have helped me to see my choices and dilemmas from different angles, expanding my perspectives rather than limiting myself to my own ones. My life has been significantly freer since then.  

Eva Z. (Partner of a Startup in China)

In a complex and constantly changing work environment, Karen has helped me identify my true values and convictions. Moreover, she has helped me develop the ability to make resonant choices, giving my best “yes” to the things and people I value.

L. Lee (Expat in the Middle East)

Karen is phenomenal at what she does. She asks the right questions that help me to pinpoint the root of my own struggles. She has shown me how to see myself in a different light as an Asian American in a new culture and in a new role. I am grateful to have her walk with me on this new journey in my life.

Karis L. (Team Leader in a Middle East non-profit)

Karen has helped me to think out of my box and to move beyond my thinking paradigms. She challenges me to not only leverage my strengths but more importantly, to grow from my weaknesses. I always come out from our sessions with new insights.

Testimonials from other clients:

“I am able to review and see how I see myself as a leader and manager and compare to how others see me has been extremely helpful. Karen was great at highlighting my strengths and helping me focus on the positive, which is something I want to practice myself.”

“Karen has been very present during our interactions. She listens carefully to what I say and reflects that back, or follows up with a question that leads us towards the real issue. I have found this helpful on many occasions. This process reveals holes in the way I think about myself in relation to work and the odd emotional and logical gaps that exist in my thought process.

I come out of many sessions feeling like I have a better understanding of myself.”

“Karen has been consistent and patient while coaching me. Recently she has put much more pressure on me to reach my goals. This is very positive for me. I need someone who is understanding and yet holds me to the fire. I work well when there are personal expectations put on me and I think she has seen that.”

“Karen was helpful in helping me work through a complicated issue without any immediate resolution.”

“Karen is very helpful at helping me lay the foundation of my business experiences. I appreciate her insights regarding my limitations, both perceived and true.”

“Karen was attentive, supportive, and helped guide me to the best solution. She understood the situations we discussed well and helped me draw from my own conclusions and insights.”