Karen helped me in several very different areas.  She helped me clearly define what is important – and not as important – to me in a new job.  She also helped me find meaningful ways to mentor others in the new telework environment.  And she helped me improve my work/life balance by finding hobbies that are meaningful to me. 

Susan (Technical Integration Engineer)

Working with Karen was wonderful. She was deeply empathetic about some of the things that have long been on my mind and spent a lot of time diving into my root causes with me. Work with her allowed me to improve my life across family relationships, personal and business goal setting, and more. I’d especially recommend her to anyone struggling with intercultural or generational relationships. Thank you, Karen!

Lennie (Founder of a startup)

Karen has been my coach since 2019. She has been instrumental in helping me develop the values from good to great. Karen gave me tools to support my challenges under the high stress of work responsibilities. She helps me cultivate growth from actions in a sustainable and measurable path. Karen is a highly skilled coach, and she is a kind, authentic, inspiring person. I was thoroughly impressed with Karen’s responsiveness and patience to my repetitive questions. She is my coach and friend who empowers me to overcome challenges and to become more confident. I would not be as comfortable with who I am now if I did not meet her three years ago. She is my go-to person whenever I need pearls of wisdom. 

Michelle (Chief Operating Officer)

Through coaching with Karen, I’ve become more aware about the why behind my behaviors and decisions. We worked on building self-confidence, which contributed to my promotion at the end of our sessions! Karen’s approach to coaching is supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic. I would recommend her to anyone looking to build confidence and uncover truths about themselves along the way.

Maggie (Senior Product Marketing Manager)

I’ve been working with Karen for more than one year. She has helped me grow from a newbie manager who doesn’t even know how to conduct a 1-1 meeting, to an experienced, confident leader. The biggest learning for me is that everything can be processed, as Karen helped me process all types of problems or concerns with patient listening and great questions. I learned her objective and caring perspective, and the structured way to uncover the roots of problems by asking questions, which can help me “coach” myself in the future when a problem is encountered.

Yuhe (Head of AI Engineering)

In a complex and constantly changing work environment, Karen has helped me identify my true values and convictions. Moreover, she has helped me develop the ability to make resonant choices, giving my best “yes” to the things and people I value.

Eva (Partner of a startup in China)

Karen provides great coaching and support. She cares on a personal level and helps me discover the keys to unlocking extra levels of performance.

Josh (Senior Data Analyst)

I was skeptical at first in using an executive coach but was open to giving it a try. Through the sessions, Karen gave me tools to work with to improve my approach to working with my team and direct report, to balance work and personal life to the best of my abilities, and to help me work towards becoming the best leader I can be. I’ve acquired skills that will carry forward for me into the future as well as impacting me now.

Mark (Director, Case Design and Case Management at a large financial company)

Karen has been my coach for over a year, and I feel like I’ve gone through a transformation. This was my first time working with a coach and I was apprehensive at first diving into personal experiences. However, Karen’s attentiveness and transparency helped build trust immediately and we were able to tap into specific growth areas I’ve been struggling with for a long time. After each coaching conversation, I felt enlightened with what was uncovered, as well as empowered to progress towards my goals. I encourage anyone to work with Karen if you really want to see a difference in how you approach work and life.

Trisha (Organizational Effectiveness Partner)

Karen has been instrumental in helping me develop as the leader I want to become. She equipped me with a variety of tools and frameworks to empower me to reframe situations and confidently move forward to overcome challenges.

Darla (Senior Manager at the largest consulting agency)